Alban Le Vallois

Alban Le Vallois

Thanks for coming Alban! You have an excellent open student mindset and it shows in how quickly you learnt and can apply our style!

Here's what Alban had to say about his week at Mindful Wing Chun!

"Right from the start, when I entered the Mindful Wing Chun HQ, I received a genuine welcome from Tom and the rest of the team. I had exchanged a few e-mails with him a week before. He replied very promptly with all necessary info and in a friendly manner, which already made me feel good about the place. 

I had the chance to train directly with Michael, Sebastian, Lawrence and Chris, sometimes literally as a private lesson when no one from the students could make it to the training. Each of the instructors are very skilled and each of them have their personal strength. They were able to deliver high-quality teaching and feedback, pinpointing personal weaknesses / places of improvements of each student. I can say it felt like a very personalized training, where the instructors sincerely try to let each of their student improve where they need to. 

So I trained with the Mindful Wing Chun team for a week, basically everyday for 3 to 4 hours, plus had the chance to participate to a workshop with Sifu Nima King on the week-end. The cherry on top was being able to spend a day on a junk boat with Mindful Wing Chun team and friends, to celebrate their fifth anniversary. 

As I come from a less internal practice of Wing Chun, it was also very instructing to me. I will most definitely integrate the teachings of Mindful Wing Chun and CST into my practice. Again thanks to the whole team and congratulation for running this place the way you do. It feels welcoming, respectful and serious about training, without taking yourselves too seriously either ;) A place where you feel you can make friends and train your wing chun properly."

Alban Le Vallois

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