HK Martial Arts - 2019

HK Martial Arts - 2019

Another lovely visit from HKMA in 2019!

These guys are the most open minded bunch ever! Incorporating Wing Chun into their own martial arts style. Martial explorers to the max!

In May 2011 HKMA’s founder and Head Instructor Kyoshi Matt Charnley travelled to Hong Kong to further his knowledge of martial arts.  It was during this trip that he met Sifu Nima King and team. This first encounter was such a positive experience Kyoshi Matt now travels annually to Hong Kong with other HKMA instructors and students to continue to train with and learn from Mindful Wing Chun’s generous instructors.  Our club have always received a warm welcome and since 2011 Kyoshi Matt along with other HKMA members have made another 12 trips to Hong Kong to train with Mindful Wing Chun and it has become an annual trip on the club calendar.

Kyoshi Matt has now introduced various aspects of his learnings from Mindful Wing Chun into Hoshiki Kiritsu enabling him to further develop HKMA into a true comprehensive freestyle martial art. 

The following Instructors and students have all made the trip on various occasions to train:

- Kyoshi Matt Charnley - 6th Dan, 47yrs, Head Instructor Hoshiki Kiritsu Martial Arts, Melbourne

- Renshi Maree Charnley - 4th Dan, 46yrs, Instructor Hoshiki Kiritsu Martial Arts, Melbourne

- Sensei Greg - Prob. 3rd Dan, 65yrs, Physiotherapist

- Sensei Bill - Prob. 3rd Dan, 65yrs, Designer 

- Sempai Geoff Abell - 1st Dan, 42yrs, Engineer

- Sempai Riley Brown - Prob.1st Dan, 15yrs, Student

- Sempai Rob Tassi – Prob. 1st Dan, 45yrs, Plumber

- Jason Hugo – Prob. 1st Dan, 47yrs, Risk Advisor

- Adam Hugo – 2nd Kyu, 14yrs, Student

- Nathan Hugo – Jnr Prob. 1st Dan, 12yrs, Student

- Steve Craig – 4th Kyu, 42yrs, Cabinet Maker

- Damien Lovric – 3rd Kyu, 43yrs, Designer

- Sally Abell – 5th Kyu, 42yrs, Office Manager

- Kelli Hugo – 5th Kyu, 46yrs, Office Manager

- Adrian Brown – 45yrs,  Metal Fabricator / Fitter


HK Martial Arts - 2019

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