Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano

An amazing guest with some great skills and gentle and unassuming, incredibly open minded with an passion and attitude to the pursuit of higher levels of martial arts we could all learn from. Hope to see you again soon!

'I started my Wing Tsun journey in Jan 2010 in Erding which is a town near Munich, Germany. Our Lineage is as followed, Ip Man - Leung Ting - K.R. Kernspecht - Erwin Kastl - Miguel Munoz-Bauer
Our style/focus is mainly external martial arts. The word "Freistil" means that we are incorporating principels from other martial arts as long as they are suitable for self defence, e.g. Jun Fan Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiujitsu for grappling, Silat, Kali and Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting).

The name Mano a Mano Wing Tsun / Freistil comes from my spanish roots (Mano a Mano = single comabt or hand to hand combat). My logo shows the fist and the open hand wich is equal to war/combat (fist) and tl wisdom/peace (open hand, wu sao)

My school is located in Freising, also a town near munich.'

'The journey to HK was one of my highlights in the last 10 years (besides the birth of my sons!).
I planned my trip to visit several schools in HK as it is a melting pot of martial arts.
Finally, after my first session at Mindful Wingchun I decided to change my plans. In this 2 weeks I did not miss any training session. I was fascinated from the CST idea which the whole team of instructors shared with me. Since then I tried to incorporate all things learned, into my own Wing Chun practice.
We are still in good contact and everybody is helping me on my questions which I send often from overseas :-)'

Mano-a-Mano HK blog, YouTube channel, homepage. Enjoy!

Mano a Mano

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