Studying at Mindful Wing Chun was truly an amazing experience! I’m very honoured and grateful to have met and learned from, such wonderful instructors!

From the moment I stepped into this school for the first time, I was greeted by super friendly instructors with huge smiles on their faces. I felt very welcomed here and I can say this is not a feeling one can get at many martial arts schools. This had a lasting impact on me during my few weeks stay in Hong Kong as I haven’t felt that kind of warm welcome anywhere else for a long time. This was my first impression of the school. A big, friendly, warm welcome! Like a family!

This kind of friendliness isn’t just a trait of the instructors, it is a culture at Mindful Wing Chun. Every student I have met was nice and friendly. None of them were egotistical where one would withhold the knowledge they know and just make it seem like a competition whenever two people trained or sparred. It was the exact opposite. Everyone was willing to share what they know with one another and everyone had the same goal of improving together through sharing their knowledge, through training, and through sparring with one another.

What’s even more awesome is that everyone is having fun doing it! Despite how serious the training is at Mindful Wing Chun, a lot of the students at the school seemed to be a jokester at heart. Their humour created lots of laughs during training and it truly makes training at Mindful Wing Chun even more enjoyable and fun. What’s also awesome is that the instructors allow the students to have such fun and to enjoy the training altogether. Again, this is the culture of Mindful Wing Chun and it is one of the many aspects of what makes them awesome and great and it’s also one of the many qualities of what separates them from other schools!

In terms of Wing Chun training, the instructors are top class instructors! Not only are they skilled and are able to demonstrate the skills they each possess. They’re also able to translate the ideas, the skills, the knowledge, into words that would help you better understand and to get you onto the right path in your training. We can all agree that from our past experiences in any type of schools studying any type of subjects, not many teachers can translate the skills and knowledge they possess into clear instructions to help you better understand the subject and to guide you on the right path to attain the skills you desire. Some teachers may be really skilful and knowledgeable in what they do, but they may not be necessarily a good teacher when it comes to teaching, when it comes to translating their knowledge and skills into words to guide the students. Some teachers may be great teachers at explaining things and making the students understand, but may not necessarily be the most skilful or knowledgeable in their field. However, at Mindful Wing Chun, the instructors are both very skilled and knowledgeable, and are also very articulate when it comes to teaching.

Even though it was only a short three weeks stay for me at Mindful Wing Chun, I have learned and gained tons, and improved a great deal from where my skill level was before studying at Mindful Wing Chun in 2018 (and I started practicing Wing Chun in Canada back in 2011, if anyone’s curious). So overall, whether it’s the teaching methods at Mindful Wing Chun, the instructors’ skills and knowledge, or the culture and learning environment at Mindful Wing Chun, they are the best. They’re amongst the top in their field if not the highest, and in my humble opinion, I’d say they ARE the highest, and they are the best! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just come and see for yourselves.

If any of you are ever visiting or reside in Hong Kong and are interested in learning about Wing Chun, I’d highly recommend Mindful Wing Chun! I’m proud to have been a part of and a member of Mindful Wing Chun (MWC), and I’m proud to call them my family.

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