Chi Sau Workshop

Chi Sau Workshop

Having spent 17 of his 34 years training in the art of Wing Chun, 10 of those years living in Hong Kong training under the close tutoridge of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, 6 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sifu Nima now heads Mindful Wing Chun, a Wing Chun school dedicated to continung the legacy of Sigung Chu and sits on the board of directors for the CST Alumni.

Not to be missed! Sydney Special!

This time I'd like to run a very detailed workshop on Chisau. I will be setting a maximum attendees limit to 24people!! Also, it will be 3hrs long (1-hr more than my usual seminars). The reason for the limited number of people and the longer duration is so that I can ensure I get a good deal of hands-on with everyone there. For Chisau, that is very necessary.

WHAT WE WILL GO THROUGH: I will be breaking down every movement of single and double Chisau and give suggestions of what to work on, then discuss how to use the body mass as the power source, sparring, and if time permits go through the major Chisau exercises which was prescribed to us by Sigung.

After March 4th the cost will be $100 so I suggest you contact me through Facebook private message asap to get the payment details and book in your spot asap as it works on a first come first served basis.
Since spots are limited, PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP TO THE SEMINAR UNANNOUNCED AND WITHOUT PRIOR PAYMENT because unfortunately you can not join in for the reason explained above (usually this fine but this time there is a limit).
Thank You!!

LOCATION: The location will depend on the weather. If it NOT raining, it will be at an outdoor area near Balmain (its a beautiful location by the water and very conducive for relaxation :) But if its raining, then we'll do it at the usual location in Chatswood (at Raw Wing Chun School).

If possible, I'd like to keep this one for CST Lineage students only so to save time on not having to explain it's basic concepts and ideas for any new-comers. However, IF YOU ARE NOT from the CST lineage, BUT HAVE PRACTICED CHISAU FOR AT LEAST 4 yrs in your lineage and you would like to learn about the CST method then please send me a personal message and we can go from there...

PLS DO NOT CLICK ON 'GOING' on this event page, if you are unsure if you can make, it because the limit is 24students.
Thank You!!

PS. I wont be doing any Private lessons for the public this time around (am only doing a couple of hours with my regular students in Sydney as per my Boss (wife's) request. But not to worry if you miss out on this workshop as I'm planning to come to Oz 3or4 times this year for private lessons and seminars...

Happy New Year to all!

Chi Sau Workshop

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