Sifu Nima King Seminar.
Queensland's only 2018 seminar by one of the most senior teachers of the CST linage today.
Do NOT miss this opportunity !!

Sifu Nima King will be conducting his only Queensland seminar this coming May. The Queensland Wing Chun Kung Fu Family is privileged and honoured to be hosting another high caliber senior CST teacher. Here is another opportunity for students from Queensland to refine their skills and learn from one of the worlds best practitioners. Sifu Nima spent over ten years training with Sigung, right up until we lost our beloved grandmaster and continues to pass on the amazing art of Wing Chun as taught to him by our late Sifu Jim Fung and Sigung Chu Shong Tin.

If you know your Wing Chun then Sifu Nima needs no introduction. This is an open invitation to ALL CST students and schools. Sifu Nima is traveling to Australia from Hong Kong to promote Sigung's Wing Chun and to preserve his legacy. Hopefully we can all unite as a family and come together for this special event. This seminar will focus on Chi Sau and applications, structure and the search for Nim Tao, relaxation and alignment and the Wing Chun forms. There will be plenty of opportunities for hands on instruction and Sifu Nima is always happy to answer any of your Wing Chun questions.

Venue -
All Saints Anglican School
Highfield Drive
Gold Coast. Queensland

Dates - Sat May 12th - 11am - 2pm
Sun May 13th - 11am - 2pm

Cost - $110AUD per day ( 3 hours )
- $200AUD for both days ( 6 hours )

All CST schools are most welcome. Please contact me on 0466889966 if you require additional information.

This is a not for profit workshop and all monies will go toward associated expenses incurred by the instructors and the event holder including travel and accommodation.

Instructor James Cleary


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