Improv Your Mindful Wing Chun Practice

Improv Your Mindful Wing Chun Practice

Have you heard of improvisation (or “improv”)? It’s when a team of performers create scenes together onstage, on the spot, without a script.

And did you know that the principles and mindset of improv can be useful in your Mindful Wing Chun practice, and in your life?
You’re invited to come and find out how on May 27, as Mindful Wing Chun student and improv performer Kay Ross leads you in a fun, practical class where you’ll play some improvisational games. It’s a jump-in-and-participate workshop, not a sit-down-and-take-notes lecture.
In the class, you’ll practise and build your skills in:

- relaxing
- staying centred, grounded and mindful
- being in the present moment
- being fully in your whole body, not just your head
- noticing everything that’s going on around you, and within you
- reading people’s body language
- responding nimbly to your opponent’s unpredictable actions
- being willing to have a go, make mistakes and keep going
- letting go of that self-critical voice in your head
- trusting your instincts
- having fun!
Relax! It’s not about performing, telling jokes or being funny, and you don’t need any improv or acting experience (because actually, we all improvise all the time – life doesn’t come with a script).
Saturday May 27, 4:45-6:15pm
For: MWC teachers and students (aged 15+)
Location: Mindful Wing Chun
*to sign up for the class please see reception or email

Maximum number of participants: 14
Wear whatever you’d normally wear for a Mindful Wing Chun class
Note: The Chi Sau class on that day will end at 4:30pm
Please register in advance at the MWC reception desk, or by replying to this email
About Kay Ross

Kay has been a Mindful Wing Chun student for about eight months. She’s an experienced improv performer, and leads public and corporate workshops about how to approach life and business with an improv mindset. She’s also a trained bodyworker/healer – she’s passionate about physical, mental and emotional awareness and healing.

We look forward to seeing you there!

- Mindful Wing Chun, on behalf of Kay Ross

Curious to know more about how mindfulness and improv intersect? Here are three articles:
“Six Ways Improv Aligns With Mindfulness - What every improviser can learn from being present” by Rachel Ben   
“34 Reasons To Learn Improv” by Kay Ross   
“Mindfulness and Improvisation Thoughts” by Kelly Leonard

Improv Your Mindful Wing Chun Practice

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