Kids FAQ

Kids FAQ


If you feel that your query or concern may be a common one, you may find the answer below. Although we have tried to answer as many questions as possible, if you do not find the answer your looking for then please feel free to contact us using the website contact form, email or call 6620 7050 and we will be happy to help.


If there are any injury or health concerns

Please let the office staff and/or instructors know of any injuries and health concerns your child may have. Be sure to self-advocate, and the instructors will do their best to modify the drills and activities to suit your ability. If you need to pause your training due to an injury or health concern, please contact the office.

If we arrive late to class  

While promptness is preferable, we would prefer that you come late rather than not at all.

If you are late, please follow the following procedures:

Little Dragons

o Please remove your shoes and stack them neatly in the shoe cupboard before you enter the school.
o Ask your parent/guardian to sign you into the class on the iPad.
o Then please go to the reception and we will take you to a group.

 • Dragons and Mindful Dragons:

o Please remove your shoes and stack them neatly in the shoe cupboard before you enter the school.
o Ask your parent/guardian to sign you into the class on the iPad. If you have come alone, please sign yourself in. If you’re not sure how to do it, please ask the staff member at the reception desk to do it for you.
o Then wait outside of the Gwoon (training area) until the Sifu signals for you to join.
o Remember to bow before you enter the Gwoon.

If we have missed classes to make up  

If you miss a class, you’re welcome to register to make it up within 15 days. Please contact the office to arrange this.

If your normal class schedule is no longer meeting your needs, please contact us, as we can often suggest other class times to add flexibility to your training schedule.

What should my child wear to class 

Children are asked to wear their MWC Kids Kung Fu to every class. This is part of their effort to show effort, caring, respect and unity with their classmates and the instructors at the club.

What if it is my first/trial class

Then it will be adivsed that you dress your child in something they will be comfortable in and that is free moving. Shorts and t-shirts are often ideal but this will be weather dependant. Shoes and socks will be removed for class to avoid slipping accidents, be sure to speak to the instructors ahead of time if this may be a problem for whatver reason by calling 6620 7050.

What are the options and costs of membership

Feel free to contact us using the contact form on the website, email or call 6620 7050 for more information.

Should be still come due to adverse weather conditions

Mindful Wing Chun will only close due to black rain or typhoon signal 8 alerts. However, we will always reccommend that you call ahead of your class if you are unsure. If you do miss a class due to weather conditions you are more than wlecome to to arrnage a make-up class within the original start and end dates of your membership.

It's a public holiday, should I still bring my child to class

Mindful Wing Chun is closed on every public holiday for normal kids, group and private classes. We sometimes hold special camps, workshops and seminars on these days but you should be notified of these additional events in good time. Please do not come to class on a public holiday unless you have signed up to a special event.

Can I stay and watch the class

It is completely up to you if you stay or not. We only ask that if your child is not used to staying by themselves, is known for not coping when left alone or for any other reason you feel it may not be a good idea to leave, we ask that you stay at the club for the duration of the class. 

    Kids FAQ

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