Remote Kids Kung Fu & Sign Up

Remote Kids Kung Fu & Sign Up

Mindful Wing Chun is now mobile! 

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We have spent the last 5 years developing and refining our kids training programs and we are now taking our Kids Kung Fu curriculum to schools, residences and private events. The content of our classes is based on more than just self-defence! We teach the fundamental components of what martial arts and kung fu is about! Correct thoughts, words, and action!

Self defence starts with good self esteem, and the person who is confident, relaxed, and balanced within their own body has nothing to fear, and our aim is to let every experience the benefits of Mindful training and make it as convenient as possible by taking our unique system to all corners of Hong Kong.

Mindful Wing Chun's Kids Kung Fu classes have been delivered enthusiastically in a variety of international schools, clubhouses and private events across Hong Kong already, so if you're interested at all in having our training brought to your front door, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss how to make your wish possible.

*Remote classes are booked through MINDBODY. By clicking this link you will be prompted to create a MINDBODY account and be expected to pay and book your own classes at our available locations.

Remote Kids Kung Fu & Sign Up

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