Welcome to the mobilisations area. Here you will find videos guiding you through some of the movements that we practice daily in our classes and in our own training time. 



The idea of these mobilsations is to encourage openness and free movement in all of our joints and muscles. We encourage you not to look for 'stretching' or 'pushing yourselves to the limit' with these suggested exercises. Rather, we recommend you approach each mobilisation in a manner that helps develop relaxed and mindful concentration.


To that end, moving to 70-80% of your full range is promoted so as to ensure that not only the joint(s) being highlighted are free moving and unhindered, but also the surrounding facia, muscle, ligament and body parts are contributing in a healthy and supportive manner. 


We certainly do not want to 'lock' or 'tense' parts of our body to enable a localised area to remain free. This would be fixing one area in spite of another. All the mobilisations are about promoting holistic body awareness so that we may find support from our entire body mass even to the most subtle and isolated areas.


We hope you find the resources below helpful and that you may find time in your busy schedules to practice them daily. Try mixing up the mobilisations day by day to cover the full range of joint movements that the body has to offer! 


If you have any prior injuries or impediments we would suggest you seek medical advice before partaking in any of the activities below for your own well-being.



If you have any questions at all about what you see here, please do not hesitate to get in touch whether you are an MWC student or otherwise.


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