Idea and Belief

Idea and Belief

My Wing Chun / Idea , Belief

Visualization, Feeling, Idea and Belief.
The order or sequence of how Ive started my set up has varied so much over the years and it
will continue to do so, but this is my thinking at the moment.
Some days are less focused than others, so I've found it handy to have some sort of flow to how
I slowly morph my body into Nimtao.
Standing for even a few minutes enable’s our mind to slow down and get in the right mood for
Wing Chun.
I start off by visualizing my mind in my spine, I look for sensations around the spine. Can I think
up the spine and feel the muscles relax, can I feel the muscles that are tense and not judge
them, not be too intense about them.
After Im happy that my mind is fully occupied with the spine, I then search for the feeling that is
associated with that. There should be an overall feeling for the whole spine and that feeling of
Tigun and flow up the spine. It should be recognizable after a while , in that you could go
straight to that feeling now if you want to, without visualizing .
Then once I'm happy that I can “feel” the spine , I then think that “feeling” for something involves
a search for something, so I'm trying now to let that go. Im finding that the wise elders of the
past where onto something when they labeled the first form “Si Nim Tao”, meaning “Small Idea”.
I was searching within myself for a better word description than “feeling”, I was thinking “It feels
more like ………ahhhhuh…..”an idea”. They were so right.
Thats what it feels like, it feels like you have just thought of a brilliant idea. Its a feeling of
possibilities, or unknown’s, of excitement and expansion.
Then lastly is the belief: We really have to believe in ourselves. The only insecurities we have,
are of our own making. Now I'm not saying believe like a salesman, but more like anyone that is
good at their job, or content with their marriage, or like a child in the way they believe. With a
knowing but also non judgmental , an innocence confidence and open mind. Its an
observational status of self, in believing who you are, accepting your faults. All the wrong things
we have done in life, they are past. Wing Chun is about now, its about who you are now.
If you can believe in yourself with a calm serenity then your Wing Chun will slowly grow better
and better each day.
- Keven Tate, Sept 15

Idea and Belief

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